Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not Much Longer Now...

So this weekend I hit the 37 week mark!! This means that I have carried to full-term, mind you it doesn't necessarily mean he is coming tomorrow or anything...but he could if he wanted to!! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday Mike was telling me that I should take a test and I was arguing with him that there was no way I was pregnant.

Being so close to meeting him as me feeling a lot of mixed emotions. Don't get me wrong...I'm really excited to be a mom and to meet him and I'm going to love him more than anything! BUT...I'm also scared to death lol...and feeling a lot of anxiety lately. This baby is going to change my whole a good way...and I really really want to meet him...but what if I have NOOO idea what to do? what if he cries non-stop and I can't calm him? theres so many what ifs...and I'm sure I will figure them all out as I go...but it's just what has been weighing on me this last week or so. I'm sure this is normal and that a lot of first time moms go through it.

On the plus side...our dresser gets delivered next weekend and my dad gave me the go ahead to go out and buy the mattress for the crib we're going to go do that this weekend I think. Everything else is ready for this baby for the most part...which makes me feel more relieved!

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