Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's Talk About Nesting...

I've always heard that pregnant women get this nesting instinct...for each woman it kicks in at a different time. My thoughts on this were " nesting? yea right!!"'s happened!! I thought I was starting to nest a while back when I had the urge to get the baby's room finished...but now it has kicked into overdrive! This last week to two weeks I have been obsessed with getting stuff for the baby done. Last weekend I made all the artwork using airplane decals that match the room theme and sticking them on paper to make awesome pictures...and we hung up the baby's name above his crib and added the airplane accents on both sides.

Here are a couple of pictures..


Over the last couple of weeks I've also picked up a few things that were still needed for the baby...change pad covers, hooded towels, car seat toys, changing pad, crib bedding (which happens to be discontinued so I got it for 50% off :)), mobile, diapers, nursing bras for me...lots of stuff!! Having all this stuff...I've now started putting it all away...yesterday I put away all the bathroom/bath time items...diapers/wipes/soaps, etc. I've done some more baby laundry since I've received more clothes, we installed the carseat in my car, put away what was left of baby shower gifts and DH's mom ordered the dresser for the room.

Tonight is date night!! DH and I are going out for one last night out without baby. We are doing dinner at The Keg and then heading out to see a movie. I'm excited...kind of wishing I could enjoy a glass of wine...but looking forward to a good night. It's also the long I have a feeling that I am going to be cleaning up around here and making sure that everything is in order for when baby comes...that or I will drive myself crazy thinking about all of the things that need to be done.

Anyways...until next time!!

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