Friday, July 16, 2010

This Weeks Tasks...

So this week I didn't accomplish a whole lot...I completed the 50 Questions to Free Your Mind Survey...but I'm going to aim higher this week. So far I am in the process of reading a new book...and I have 2 new authors lined up for one of my other tasks. I am also going to try a new recipe this week :) which I'm excited about....if any of you have any yummy recipes you want to share please leave them and I will give them a shot!

This week I think I will also put my cake decorating skills to use...I plan to make cupcakes for the girls at work (using cake decorating techniques), as one of the girls recently got engaged. Not sure what I'm going to do just yet...but should be fun! Along with this, I plan to bring my own lunch for the entire week...keep your fingers crossed that I can do it...I'm usually one of the first to cave when someone steps out for lunch.

Next month I plan to complete the no pop and no fast food for a month tasks...I've made it a competition with the girls I work with, we're all going to put some money into a jar and whoever lasts the entire month splits the money...I'm doing this for me to prove I can do this...but a little incentive never hurt anyone...right?

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