Sunday, July 11, 2010

101/1001 List!

1. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet. (0/26)
2. Get professional pictures taken. (Boudoir or Pregnancy)
3. Ride a mechanical bull.
4. Buy essentials for a family in need. Make it an anonymous donation.
5. Pay for the next person in line at Tim Hortons.
6. See the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
7. Find an inspirational quote/verse and incorporate it into a piece of artwork or home decor.
8. Try 10 new restaurants. (0/10)
9. Get pregnant/have a baby.
10. Read 50 books (1/50)
11. Make a scrapbook
12. Buy a dSLR camera.
13. Write an inspirational note and leave it in a book for someone to find.
14. Learn to drive standard
15. Get a professional relaxing massage.
16. Move out of Catherine's house.
17. Create a list of 100 things that make me happy
18. Find a class at the gym I like and attend it at least once a week
19. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle.
20. Update my blog at least once a week for 6 months.
21. Watch all seasons of Nip/Tuck
22. Learn Sign Language
23. Go horseback riding.
24. Don't complain about anything for a whole week.
25. Try 5 foods I've never had before. (0/5)
26. Make a new recipe a week for 3 months.
27. Pay off 2/4 credit cards minimum
28. Begin the process of buying a house (if not buy a house).
29. Invite someone to go out or come over for dinner. (someone I have never asked.)
30. Go to dinner in the dark
31. Learn a new word a day for a month. Blog the word for others to learn.
32. Go to Las Vegas.
33. Go snow-tubing.
34. Go to the AGO
35. go to Marine Land with Mike
36. Visit the Scenic Caves at Blue Mountain
37. See a famous stand-up comedian live
38. Go on a hike through Rattlesnake Park
39. Eat at 5 new local non-chain restaurants (0/5)
40. Go yard saleing
41. Go to St. Jacob's
42. Bring a homemade lunch to work every day for a week (0/5)
43. Make a dessert completely from scratch
44. Write for an hour every weekend for a year (0/52)
45. Fill a sketchbook with drawings (1 drawing or 3 doodles per page)
46. Read 5 books by authors I haven't read before (0/5)
47. Host a dinner party
48. Organize the entire basement
49. Go one day without internet (Willingly, not minus access)
50. Go one day without television (willingly, not minus access)
51. Answer the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind
52. No Facebook for a week
53. Take the 5000 question survey (0/5000)
54. No fast food for a month
55. No pop for a month
56. Take a picture of 26 different things, one starting with each letter of the alphabet A-Z (0/26)
57. Go to a yoga class
58. Donate to a charity each Christmas
59. Donate Hair to Charity
60. Inspire someone else to start a 101/1001 list
61. Buy 10 food items for the sole purpose of donating to a food bank (0/10)
62. Compliment everyone I interact with for 1 day (must be a day spent outside the house)
63. Fill wedding photo album
64. Have a date night once a month with Mike
65. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
66. Send a secret to PostSecret
67. Donate blood
68. Take my mom and Mike's mom out for dinner (not necessarily together) (0/2)
69. Stay awake for 24 hours
70. Do some Volunteer Work
71. Do the splits
72. Give a 100 percent tip
73. Make 5 new friends
74. Say yes to 50 things I want to say no to
75. Paint a picture
76. Donate 5 dollars for every goal that I don't complete.
77. Drink nothing but water for a week
78. Go to a drag show
79. Do 100 full sit-ups in a row
80. Lose a minimum of 1 inch of my thighs (currently 38 inches)
81. Go a week without wearing any make-up other than Mascara and cover up
82. Work out 3 times a week for 3 months straight (1 hour)
83. Walk every other day for one month (min. 30 minutes)
84. Get back to praying every night before bed
85. Buy nothing but essential items for one month
86. Go to a concert
87. Go to the Drive-in and stay awake for all of the movies
88. Go to a Toronto FC Game
89. Go to the Top of the CN Tower and face my fear of heights
90. See a Musical in Toronto
91. Go shopping in New York
92. Buy 1 designer piece of clothing
93. Have a picnic in the Park
94. Go to the driving range
95. Use my cake decorating skills to make someone a cake
96. Learn how to Snowboard
97. Take a cooking class
98. Go wine tasting in Niagara
99. Get my hair done and let the stylist decide what to do
100. Kiss in the Rain
101. Floss every day for a month (0/30)

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