Friday, July 30, 2010

I Hate Being Sick...

So this week was almost completely a write off :(

Sunday night after updating my blog I noticed that I wasn't really hungry and that I had only eaten one meal that I cooked something and ate for the sake of eating. Normally on Sundays I spend the day scavenging for food around here because I can't stop eating. I also noticed that I was getting a bit achy...but thought nothing of it because I had went to the gym that morning. Anyways I went to bed and woke up Monday morning burning up with fever and just feeling shitty. Every movement made me break out into a sweat, I was super tired and just felt BLAH! I went to work for an hour and then came home and took a 4 hour nap...fever went away and I ate 1 meal that day, as I had zero appetite...went to bed Tuesday I woke up burning up with fever again, my throat was killing and still felt generally shitty. I got up and dragged myself into work, somehow survived the day then headed to the walk in to find out I had a lovely case of strep throat! The doctor's exact words were "Eww...that's nasty in have some septic tonsils going on!"...this was at about 6pm...I was given meds, instructed to take a whole days worth before going to bed and then start a regular med. schedule in the morning...finally started feeling better on Wednesday, and was back to my regular self by Thursday :)

I have never had strep so bad in my life...and I've had it millions of times! Its crazy how one night of meds can make all the difference in the world...but anyways thats why not much has happened this week. I feel like I'm not accomplishing much off my list, granted I only started a couple of weeks ago.

This weekend Mike and I are going to go up to Rattlesnake Point, go hiking and have a picnic. I'm looking forward to it :) This will knock two things off my list...38. Go on a hike through Rattlesnake Park and 93. Have a picnic in the Park. I might also try to talk him into catching a movie or two..or three at the Drive-In since it's the long weekend, which would be something else, but thats still up for discussion.

Anywaysssss....I'm off to get ready for the day, going to get my hair all nice and did ;)

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