Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Favourites...

As a new mom, I wanted to share some of my favourite baby products over the last few months.  I am sure that I will add more to my list as Cole continues to get older!

Nursing Pillow
I use my nursing pillow for more than just nursing.  I used it when I first had Cole for nursing purposes, but when we switched over to formula, and even before then, I use it as a place to sleep....I know this may sound silly, but it was nice when he was first born.  I could put him in the pillow on the couch and not worry about him being too far, even still he often will fall asleep lounging in the pillow and is easily moved to the playard or crib upstairs.

Here is a picture of the peanut sleeping in the pillow:

Pack and Play with changing table
Below is the picture of the playard that I own.  I love the changing table being is honestly pretty much the only place we change  him when at home, unless we are upstairs.  I use the playard for naps during the day or if I need to put him somewhere safe while I am busy downstairs.  He loves watching the mobile spin round and round :)
A bright and colourful playmat is essential!  Since he was a few weeks old I have been using his playmat as a source of fun and entertainment!  I own the exact one below....Cole enjoys swatting the toys, kicking and watching himself in the mirror.  I also use it for tummy time by placing a small pillow a little further back and that way he can see the hanging toys.  A good feature of this playmat is that the toys can be removed and changed with different ones if baby gets bored.

Bumbo Chair
In the last week or so I have fallen in love with the Bumbo chair!  Now that Cole has better control of his head, he enjoys being placed in the Bumbo.  I am never far away when he is in it at the moment...but it saves me from having to hold him in sitting position for long periods of time.  Cole enjoys sitting up and being able to look around and we read books while he sits in there as well :)
Soothies Pacifier
Cole isn't really too attached to his soother, but the Soothies pacifiers are the best!  We use it to help calm him when he is getting overtired.

Swaddleme Blankets
I LOVE these blankets.  They've actually come out with a zipper version as well since he was born, but we use the velcro version every night.  When he was first born they were useful in controlling the spastic movements of his arms and legs to help him sleep.  At 11 weeks old, Cole knows that when he is swaddled it is time to sleep for the night.  We've had a few funny instances where we've somehow managed to get our arms out (as depicted below lol)...but otherwise I LOVE LOVE LOVE them....they make swaddling so easy!

Colourful Books with big pictures
Cole loves looking at things with bright colours and being in the education field, I love reading and wanted to pass that on.  I've received a few fabric books and have slowly started building up a board book collection as well...I have tonnes of paper books for later as well.  When I look for books for right now, I look for big bright pictures.  The book below is currently Cole's favourite.  It scrunches and has peekaboo flaps with lots of great pictures and a cute storyline too!  

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