Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 2-4 Long Weekend Fun!

We had a very busy, but very fun long weekend!  Our weekend started off on Friday night.  Mike and I decided we felt comfortable leaving the Peanut with my mom for a couple of hours while we went to the movies to see the Avengers.  It was really nice to get out and just have adult time, since we haven't had that since he was born, but at the same time it felt weird for me to be out without the little man.  I surprisingly didn't have any anxiety about leaving him and was surprised with myself that I didn't call or text my mom to find out how he was doing.  I guess I knew that he was in great hands and he is such a good baby that I wasn't worried for my mom either.  The movie was really good and we enjoyed our night out and my mom enjoyed spending time with the Peanut, who was on his best behavior all night!

On Saturday Mike cleaned up the backyard and got it Summer ready.  That afternoon we went over to my friends house to hang out with her family and one of our other friends.  It was so cute!!  My friend had two daughters, one is 2.5 years and one is 10 months, both were obsessed with Cole!  The 2.5year old didn't leave him along the whole time, sitting beside him and talking to him, laying with him on his playmat and smothering him with kisses.  The 10 month old was very curious about him and continuously crawled/walked over to check him out.  It was nice to get out and see some of my friends and socialize :)

On Sunday I did some running around while Mike was golfing...picked up a UV net for the stroller and bought some bigger sized swaddles since Cole is growing so fast.  That night we had a joint BBQ with our next door neighbours and their children, which was nice.  The weather was so nice this weekend, haven't had good weather on the May 2-4 long weekend in a long time!  We were invited to watch fireworks as well, but Mike was too tired so we just stayed back and watched some TV.

Yesterday we were invited to a family BBQ/Pool Party.  Cole went swimming for the first time and surprisingly he enjoyed it!!  He only stayed in the water for a few minutes because he can't wear sunscreen yet and I didn't want him to get a sunburn.  When he came out of the water Grandma took him and I got to go for a swim, which was very much enjoyed.  We then had a big BBQ with all the family and came home and passed out!

It was nice to have a weekend filled with so much socialization...you tend to feel deprived of that when you are at home with a baby everyday (not that I care) so this weekend was very much enjoyed!

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