Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Not a whole lot has gone on in the last week...

I've really felt Baby B kicking a lot this week. He seems to like the music I play on my drive home from work each night. I tend to listen to it quite loudly and as soon as I get in and turn the car on, the kicking starts and doesn't stop until I get home. He also kicks quite a bit if I'm hungry and haven't eaten yet and sometimes when Daddy talks to him. It's a crazy feeling now that I can tell the difference between a kick and a gas bubble lol.

This week the stuff that my mom ordered for us came in. I put together the stroller and car seat yesterday and was going to move onto the playard and high chair and then decided that I wasn't ready for the house to be baby ready yet. It may sound silly, but I want to enjoy my grown up only house for just a little longer. So far everything we've received has been stored in the baby's room upstairs...and nothing much has been done with the room yet. I finally picked out the bedding that I want and have started to design the baby room in my it's just to start the process. DH is going to paint the room once I pick out the colours and then I will start the design process. For now I am going to focus on getting the house decorated for Christmas though. Since it is our first Christmas in the house there is lots that I want to do. We bought a Christmas table centre piece today and a small decoration for the fireplace...and I want to talk to my mom about making me a wreath for the doors since she's really good at them. We will be hosting a Christmas party at the house next month and I'm super excited to get things prepped!! Maybe I'll even have some of the baby room done by then...who knows!?

Anyways...I hope you are all doing well!!

Until next time...

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