Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pregnancy and my Ever Changing Body

In the last week I've really noticed how much bigger my belly has gotten. It's not "huge" per say...but it is a lot bigger then what I'm used to. Along with my ever growing belly...other parts of me have grown as well. My hair is growing like a weed..which I don't mind at all, it has also gotten a lot shinier and softer over the last couple of weeks, which is a nice plus too. I've come to the realization this week that I may just have to buy a new bra as well...something which I was pretty sure I could avoid. When I first got pregnant I was all excited about that area starting to naturally I am pretty small chested. I had a couple of bras that I had bought or had been given to me that were slightly too big pre-pregnancy that not fit post-pregnancy. Sadly..those bras are also getting too small. I've been avoiding buying a lot of things clothing related for as long as possible...the only things I've really bought are pants, as my old pants fit just right and any additional weight gain made them really uncomfortable. This pay day I think I will hit up LaSenza and pick out a new bra and have myself measured to find out what size I even am anymore...and then I am going to head to Urban Planet and pick up some slightly larger sweaters for the winter. I'm not quite big enough yet that buying regular shirts/sweaters in larger sizes doesn't to save money I figure I will just go buy some cheaper sweaters in larger sizes and save myself some money...sweaters at UP are like 2 for $25 whereas sweaters at Thyme are $59 each....such a rip off!

I'll post a pic of the belly soon...I just generally try to avoid cameras..pregnant or not.

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