Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stay Awake...must...stay...awake...

Woohoo...another one bites the dust!

87. Go to the Drive-in and stay awake for all of the movies

Last night Mike and I went to the drive in and I stayed awake for both movies! We watched Salt and The Other Guys. It was actually surprisingly easy to do last night for some reason, normally I fall asleep half way through the first one...sometimes just after it. I'm going to attempt a long weekend at the drive-in when I get the on long weekends there are 3 movies to watch which is a bit more of a challenge.

I also started a few more tasks this week...I started my 1000 piece puzzle, but I'm still kind of in the sorting process, looking for all of the edges at the moment. I have a feeling this one is going to take me a looonnnnnggggg time...but oh well!

This morning I attended a class at the gym...which was a bit disappointing showed me how out of shape I really am. I only made it half way through the class and had to leave...but I'm not giving up! I'm going to go back next week and try again, and I will keep going back until I make it through the entire class. I'm going to try and get to the gym at least 3 times this week as well...I'm finally feeling better so I think I can do it! I'm going to seriously work on my more slacking on a bike...I'm going to use the Treadmill this week!! Yay me haha!

I'm also kind of working on the whole debt thing...I'm going to get my smart serve so that I can work for my sister part-time...she hires people to waitress and pour beer at big events in the city, so she said she would let me know when things come up and I can choose to do them or not. I like the idea, because its not something I have to commit to 100%, I can say no if I don't want to do it and not worry about not being called back. I also have an interview tomorrow for a babysitting job. It's kind of wierd because I've never been interviewed for babysitting before, especially since I'm an ECE...but it's potential extra cash on an occasional basis. Any money I make doing these two things will go directly towards credit cards or school loans...bye bye debt!

Anyways, I'll update again later in the week :) I start Eat, Pray, Love tomorrow!!

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