Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Well yesterday was our first wedding anniversary :) It was a fun night and I got to cross something off the list :) Mike had a volleyball championship in the morning so I didn't get to really see him until later in the afternoon. He had made reservations for a restaurant called O. Noir in Toronto. It is something I have been wanting to do since I watched an episode of CSI a while back...dinner in the dark!!

30. Go to dinner in the dark

It was actually a really cool experience. For those who have no idea what dinner in the dark is...basically you go to the restaurant, you are brought into a a lobby type of room and given a menu. You then choose what you want to eat (there is a 2 or 3 course choice) and then you are taken into a room off of this room. A waiter/waitress is then brought out to meet you and take you inside the room. All of the wait staff are visually impaired. You then place your hand on the waitress' shoulder and are brought in to your table and your meal is brought to you! It was so you can't even see your hands infront of your face dark. Dinner itself was amazing. I ordered filet mignon with potatoes and vegetables and had fruit sorbet for dessert. Normally I am a really picky this experience was interesting since I obviously didn't get to see anything before I ate it. At one point I got kind of frustrated because I couldn't find anything with my fork, so I started using my fingers lol. All in all it was GREAT and it is something I would recommend to others and do again myself.

This week I also tried two new foods...arugula and mango sorbet. The arugula I tried in a pasta salad...usually I just pick it out and don't eat it (I'm not big on anything green lol) but I decided to try it. It's not something I would eat again though...kinda just tasted like chewing a leaf...blah. The mango sorbet I had for my dessert at O. Noir. I was kinda nervous eating the first bite, because on the menu it specified the sorbet as "fruit" but not which all honesty I was hoping for raspberry...but it was mango....something that I have never tried before. I actually really enjoyed it...and would definitely eat it again!

I also watched Precious this thats another movie off the alphabet list.

I'm still reading Eat, Pray, Love....its taking me forever because I don't feel 100% committed to the book. Hopefully I'll finish it this week and I can move on to my next book and author!

I have a lot of things on the list in progress, but I feel like I haven't accomplished much yet. I'm going to review the list this week and change a few things....not because I don't feel that I will be able to do them...but because I don't feel like they accurately depict things I want to do before my time is up. I want the list to reflect me a little bit there are probably about 5 things I'm going to change!

Anyways...I hope you are all doing well with your lists!

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