Thursday, January 31, 2013

The War Against Update

So a couple of weeks ago I posted that I was going to start decluttering my house, it was time to purge myself of all the belongings I no longer needed!  Well, it went well for about a week and then life seemed to side track me, which is what always seems to happen when cleaning is involved :)

Don't get me wrong that week I actually did more than one decluttering task a realistically I am probably still on track to where I should be and I made a lot of headway in the fight to declutter.  I ended up doing my closet, dresser, bathroom and office anddddd some of one of the rooms in the basement. I took a bunch of the items I no longer wanted and listed them on yardsale groups on Facebook, which has given me quite a bit of pocket change over the last couple of weeks!  I still have a few things that haven't sold hanging around, which I will hopefully get rid of in the next little while.  I also intend to pick up the fight in the next couple of days now that things have calmed down a bit.  I need to buy a bunch of bins so I can organize as I go as well....lots of baby clothes to pack away and under the stairs needs to be tidied!

As for the rest of my's been busy but going well.  Still in the process of pulling things together for little Man's First Birthday party....invites go out in the next few days, now I just need to pick up some of the basic supplies (streamers, party games, loot bags, plates and other items).  We are also in the process of slightly renovating our whole downstairs...which involves painting our 18ft high foyer and all of the halls upstairs and downstairs, as well as laying new floors in the entire downstairs...which hubby wants to have done before Little Man's First birthday. 

Wellll....until next time...I hope everyone is doing well :)

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