Friday, January 11, 2013


So I have decide to start decluttering my house. I honestly hate cleaning and everything that goes along with it, which is why I think it is great that I came across this list to declutter in 30 minutes for 30 days.

I decided I was going to get started today since I want to be completely finished and still have time to go over anything that is missed before Cole's birthday in March. Today's task was to declutter my dresser. It honestly did only take me 30 minutes to go through everything and reorganize it . I still feel like I didn't get rid of enough stuff though so I may go back and look things over again tomorrow when I do the closet. Everything I don't want I am going to drop off at a charity box.

Hopefully I can stick to this!!


  1. I love the list! That makes it all seem really managable!

    Just so you know...I nominated you for the Liebster Award. =)