Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Quick Hello!

I feel bad that I don't update much lately but life is busy with a baby!

Our Christmas and New Years went well :)  Very busy as it always is during that time of the year.  Cole was spoiled by everyone for his first Christmas...but to be honest he had no interest in any of it lol....oh well!  I look forward to next year when he will understand a bit better.

Things that are new...
Cole took his first steps last week...each day he gets a little braver and takes a few more.  He has started launching himself off everything, but usually doesn't make it more than 4-5 steps before falling.

We start our Mother Goose program again this week....which I am very excited about.  This group is older than our last group and one of the requirements is that all of the children need to be crawling.  I'm looking forward to the social aspect of it for both Cole and I!

We also start swimming again this week.  This will be round 2 of swimming lessons for us.  We want Cole to enjoy swimming as much as we do, so we want to keep him in swimming as long as he wants to do it!

I've started planning Cole's First Birthday party already.  I know how I get and it will creep up on me before I know it!  I found the invites that I am going to order, have his Cake Smash Photos booked and have started to prep. some decorations!  Looking forward to the celebration!

Tomorrow Cole goes for his first haircut.  I'm kind of nervous about it...but my thought process is that if the haircut sucks, he has a couple of months for it to grow out a bit before his birthday!

Hopefully I can update with pictures tomorrow of his new haircut!!

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