Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 1 of Mommyhood

So....after that last post I ended up going into labour and Cole arrived on Monday afternoon at 1:52pm. I honestly had no signs or symptoms all day long on Sunday. I painted my nails and toe nails, showered, went for a big walk with the dog and sat outside with the neighbours...then the minute I go to bed for the night, the contractions started! Overall it was a fairly quick labour for my first child. My water broke at 3:30am and I was fully dilated by 11:30ish but didn't start pushing until a bit later.

Cole is doing well...I had to stay an extra day in the hospital because his bilirubin was high, meaning he was at risk for phototherapy for jaundice. We ended up having to go back for 2 days for more blood tests and finally yesterday my family doctor said that as long as he was eating, sleeping and doing his business regularly that he should be fine, if I get worried to head in to see him right away. Cole weighed 7lbs 8oz when he was born and is sitting at 7lbs 3oz now.

Being a mom has been good so far. I've had a lot of help from Mike this past week with keeping the house together, cooking, shopping, etc. He has also been super supportive of everything...I've had a hard time with breast feeding and he has come to all of our appts at the hospital and doctors office so far. He has also gotten up with me a couple of nights this week when he knew I was having a hard time. I feel like the house has a revolving door these past few days and it has been quite tiring.

I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible...but things are going to get busy so I'll do my best!!

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