Thursday, January 19, 2012

And then there was the Baby Shower...

I had my first baby shower (possibly my only one...but that's another story) this past weekend. My mom and my sisters held it here at my place...wasn't overly big..about 20 or so people, just close family and friends. It was really great to have all of my family and friends in one place to share in this special time with me :) We got tonnes of baby clothes and quite a few of the things I had registered for...including baby monitors, diaper bag, playmat, blankets, bibs, sheets, etc. I also received a gift card to Babies R Us...which I enjoyed spending very much. My child is pretty much dressed for the next 6 months with the amount of clothing we were given...and shoes lol...I swear this child has better shoes than I do!

Mike's family *might* throw me a baby shower...but that has yet to be decided. Apparently everyone is just too busy. I know that I probably sound really petty...but I've spent the last year watching everyone bend over backwards for Mike's cousin's wedding and I get that it's a special time for her right now...and I'm not trying to take any of that away...but it's also a special time for Mike and I and I feel like we've just been placed on the back burner. My mom had asked Mike's mom if she would like to have a joint which her offer was declined - the reason given was that "the wedding is so close by and with it being one is going to want to travel out this way two times...if there's a snow storm then people won't come" - so whatever. I can't change the fact that the baby is going to be BORN in the Winter but whatever. We figured his family would throw us a shower once the wedding was over (first weekend in Feb) but now apparently things are too busy and no one knows when there will be time for a shower. They may throw one after the baby is born...which to me defeats the whole purpose of a baby shower - to get mother and baby the essentials to help welcome the new one....but again...whatever!! I've said that if this turns out to be the case then I will not be able to attend a shower until the baby is at least 3 months I am not hauling a brand new baby to a party.

Anywayssssss....I went a little crazy this week buying some of the things that I hadn't received off my registry. I found some great deals at Babies R Us the night I went...the breast pump I registered for was on clearance for $15!! I bought a couple of soothers, soother clip, car seat bag, Safety First essentials (thermometer, brushes, nail clippers, etc), and I bought a convertible car seat that was on sale for $70 it will last until the baby weighs 65lbs. There are still some things I need to buy...mainly my crib bedding, glider and dresser. One of my really close friends is selling me a bunch of her stuff since she is done having children and hers will soon be too big to use the stuff (a jumperoo, bouncer and swing).

Hope that everyone is doing well!!

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