Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nesting!? Possibly...

I've always heard that pregnant women go through a nesting stage at some point in their pregnancy and I think I've begun mine....

Next week I'm holding a Christmas party with some of my closest friends here at my house. Like most people...I want a clean house for when everyone comes over, for those of you that know is what I dread the most! Well last night not only did I start cleaning for next weekend but I also made myself a list (I Know what!?!) and I'm actually sticking to my plan. Last night I cleaned all of the bathrooms, today on the list was vacuuming and mopping the floors and tomorrow my plans are to dust and do laundry. I got all of the downstairs vacuumed and mopped and I cleaned up the bedroom and gathered all of the laundry for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will vacuum the upstairs and mop the floors up there, as well as dust everything downstairs and finish my Christmas shopping.

My second sign that I'm possibly nesting is that the baby's room is driving me crazy. Right now it's pretty much empty of baby stuff and filled with random boxes that we just never moved or put away after moving. Everytime I walk into the baby's room lately I become really bothered. I know that things will get moved once the basement is completed (which should be sometime this week) but I can't wait! I've also decided how I want to decorate the room...I want Mike to put up chair rail around the room, so that I can paint it chocolate brown on the bottom and pale blue on top...hang up the airplane decals once I frame them and buy wooden letter that spell out the baby's name for above the crib. I can't wait to get the room done :) I think it will really pull things together...even though I have no furniture for the room yet.

Anyways...I'm looking forward to my Christmas party next weekend :) I can't believe that Christmas is coming up so quickly! I hope that everyone is enjoying this time and that everyone is doing well...until next time!

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