Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Aftermath of Christmas...

Hey Everyone!! I hope that you all had a great Christmas!! Mine was pretty busy...but I'm kinda sad its all over. I feel like you wait so long for the one day to get here...then the day flies by and is sadly over.

We started off our Christmas celebrations by heading to MiL's house on Christmas Eve. Had some apps, opened gifts and headed home. On Christmas morning my sisters and mom came over and we cooked a big breakfast, ate and proceeded to open all of our gifts. I got some pretty awesome things...everyone went way overboard, which made me feel crappy because we can't afford to spend as much as they did. I then helped my mom to cook Christmas dinner and her bf later joined us. We eat dinner with my family fairly early in the day, so everyone headed out around 7ish. Around 8ish we packed up and headed to Mike's family's Christmas dinner. We arrived in time for dessert...which is honestly all I could fit anyways and spent a long time just hanging out and catching up.

On Boxing Day I decided that I NEEDED to head to Thyme maternity to check out the sales and see if the dress I want for Mike's cousin's wedding was on sale. I was super happy to find out that it was! I didn't feel like braving any other stores so I decided to go home and head out to the mall the next day. I've spent the majority of the last two days shopping...and I'm tired out lol. I picked up some pretty good my dress for the wedding, shoes to go with the dress that were like 75% off...a couple of shirts, a new watch (a Christmas present from the hubby) that was on overall didn't do too bad. I also had the joy of going for my glucose tolerance test this morning...yuck. The stuff you have to drink is just gross...and it made the little guy super wiggly shortly after drinking it. Hopefully the results will come back in the next few days and everything will have gone well...

Anyways...I'm off to dinner, so I will update again soon!

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