Monday, October 24, 2011

19 weeks and counting

I'm officially 19 weeks pregnant today!

I had my first official OB appt. last Thursday...which went pretty well. Nothing really exciting happened...had to get some blood work done, listened to the heartbeat and my due date once again was changed. Instead of being due on March 17th, I'm now due on March 22nd. Not a big deal to me...the longer I get to work the more money we get to put away until the baby comes :)

This week I go for my anatomy U/S...only 2 more sleeps!! I'm super excited to find out what we are having :) With my luck my baby's legs will probably be crossed or something though lol. I'm don't really care one way or another what we have, as long as the baby is healthy. Mike thinks we're having a girl and so do most of my family (I honestly think they just want a girl) and all the girls at work think I'm having a boy. At the beginning of the pregnancy I kind of felt like it was a I really have no idea what I think it is!

Anyways...we find out on Wednesday!!

Hope everyone else is doing well with their pregnancies :)

I'll update again in a few days...

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