Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho...

So I'm trying to be on the ball this year and decided to go and get our Santa pictures done as early as possible!  It was actually a bit of an adventure...I was excited to go to one mall to get the pictures done, but it turned out to be a big fail.  We weren't able to order any pictures and only received one photo, which didn't turn out very well.  My mom was with me, so I asked her if she didn't mind going down the street to a different mall.  We ended up having to wait for about half an hour in line, which wasn't that bad....and we got a few pictures done.  Cole wasn't afraid of Santa at all, more curious about him, he kept turning around and just staring at him.  Unfortunately we couldn't get him to smile...he had his serious "What are we doing?" face on the whole time, but that's ok.  So without further are our Santa pics for this year!!

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