Tuesday, November 20, 2012

8 Month Update

Age: 8 months
Date of Appt.: no appointment this month
Weight: 21lbs
Height:  29inches
Sleeping Patterns: Your sleeping has been all over the place this last month for a number of reasons...most days you only take one nap, but then every so often you take two....you've cut two more teeth this month, you are standing and coasting and were practicing a lot in the middle of the night lol....I think we finally have it under control again :)
Eating Patterns: Peanut Butter...check!!  Knock on wood...you seem to like everything you've tried so far and haven't shown any signs of having any allergies yet.  You are still eating 3 meals a day plus approx. four 8 oz bottles a day.
Anything You'd Like to Add?:  You are a coasting machine!!  You walk...well almost run along the couches and around the ottoman in the living room and pull yourself up on everything within reach, you've even attempted climbing recently (yay....).  This week your new trick is rolling to the edge of the couch and sliding yourself off onto the ground.  You've also cut your two top front teeth this month...look out for the land shark :)

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  1. I love the picture! I can't believe how big Cole is getting!