Monday, June 25, 2012

Mommy Moments

The other night I had a serious "Mommy Moment"  while I was holding Cole.  I was holding him in my arms like a baby and kissing his cheeks over and over again because he was finding it quite amusing, smiling and giggling with every kiss, and then it hit me....there is going to come a day when he won't want me to do this anymore.  I know, I's a reality that happens! but I didn't expect it to hit me like this already lol...I almost started crying!  I started thinking that one day he is going to be all grown up and won't want a kiss from his day he will have a wife and she will be more day he isn't going to need me anymore.  Thankfully, that one day won't be anytime soon, so I am going to suck up every moment I have with him still enjoying my kisses and company while I can :)  I was reading "I'll Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch to him yesterday and I had to put it down before I could finish...that book now has more meaning to me than it ever has...great story but quite sad in the reality of things.

Anyways...that's my Mommy Moment for this week.  I'll try and post happier Mommy Moments in the future lol...

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