Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Moved In...

So we did it! We moved into our very first house :)

This week has been crazy hectic trying to get everything organized. Both of us took the week off and apparently have also taken on wayyyy too many projects! Saturday we moved in...Mike's friends and brother helped us move everything over, while my mom and sister helped me tidy everything up at this end. I unpacked a bunch of stuff as it showed up...set up the bathrooms, put stuff away in the kitchen, rewashed all the dishes, etc.

Mike's brother spent the night and helped us put together a bunch of the furniture on Sunday. I organized a bunch of my stuff and put it away. In the afternoon we checked out the little diner down the street...which had amazing food!

Monday we continued to unpack in the morning and then decided to go shopping for the rest of the furniture and decos that we needed for the house. We ended up picking up a table for the front hall, an end table for the living room and a TV stand, along with a bunch of little touches to help make this place feel more like home. We spent the afternoon setting things up and putting together our patio furniture. I cleaned up a bit too...mopped the floors and vacuumed the carpets and basement.

On Tuesday I went shopping for some more stuff that we needed...picked out a new paint for the kitchen/dining room, picked up all the painting supplies, an ottoman for the living room and some decos for the front table, then I had to go to the dentist (yay *insert sarcasm here*) and come home and wait for the couch guy to come and spray our couches with special sealant stuff...after he left I went over to the greenhouse down the street and bought some flowers for the back garden. I picked out some beautiful day lilies and a few annuals to help add colour to the garden until the lilies grow a bit.

On Wednesday the painting started...well Mike did the painting...any attempt I made to help was quickly squandered and I was sent off to do other stuff. I ended up building some more furniture and went out to buy some more paintings and a mirror for the front hallway. I also hung up some of the paintings and other wall decos that we already had.

Painting continued on well into today...there is tonnes of trim and baseboards to go around! But it feels good to know the kitchen is now a colour that we like :) While Mike finished the painting I cleaned the carpet on the stairs and mopped and vacuumed AGAIN! As soon as painting was done I put everything away in the kitchen and cooked dinner..first dinner in the new house! I invited my mom and my sisters over for dinner and hot tubbing.

A little while ago our new neighbours came over and brought us some home made cookies...which are so yummy! This is something that never would have happened in our old city! So far I love it here...I look forward to having friends and family over soon! Mike's family are coming over for a BBQ and to see the house on Saturday and my Dad and his family will be over next weekend...then the friend parties can start!

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