Saturday, April 30, 2011

A breathe of fresh air...

Time for a quick update I guess!

So...big news since last time...we bought a house!! We ended up finding a semi-detached house in Waterdown that we both fell in love with! It has everything we're looking for in a house right a hot tub, which is a bonus!! We looked at between 10-15 houses before we found this one...liked another house and were debating putting in an offer on it, but something just felt like it was missing inside my heart. I continued to check out MLS and some private real estate sites and found this house. It went up for sale by the owners on Sunday, we viewed it on Monday and put in our offer on Tuesday. Of course for our first time...we had to find a house that was for sale by the owners lol...but it all ended up working out well in the end.

We officially move on June 18th...only 6 more weeks to go! I've spent a lot of my weekends lately out furniture shopping. I've purchased a new sectional, a leather club chair, bar stools and some wall art and Mike has picked up a desk for one of the spare bedrooms. Only little stuff is really left to get...lamps, more wall art, etc...and one big purchase...a dining room set. I have it picked out already, just need to purchase it.

Other than that...I haven't been up to much lately. I can't wait for the nice weather to be upon us. I've started taking the dog out for longer walks...which turn into jogs. I really want to get back into shape and have actually started looking into bootcamps, which I am looking forward to.

I finally finished "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"...and proceeded to read "Sweet Valley Confidential"(really disappointing if I do say so myself), "Hush, Hush", "Crescendo" and I'm now reading "The Girl who Played with Fire".

Hope all is well with everyone in blogger land...
until next time!

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