Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Ok...I admit it...I suck at keeping this thing up lately...but I've been enjoying my time and haven't been on the actual computer much lately.

Anyways...I'm a member of The Beautiful Mommy Club and every week there is a blog challenge.  I keep saying I will participate and have yet to do so....but this week I will :)

This week's topic is making a Summer bucket list!  So here is mine....

  • go swimming with Cole as often as possible
  • go to the African Lion Safari
  • have a date night at least once a month
  • spend some time on the patio
  • enjoy my backyard for once
  • have a cottage weekend with friends
  • go to a Jay's Game (even though they suck big time)
  • have lots of BBQs
  • maybe go to the zoo
It's not a huge list...but definitely one that I think is pretty achievable.  I'm looking forward to my week off in July and spending lots of time outside this Summer.

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