Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goodbye July, Hello August...

July seems to have just flown by!  It was a fun month though, spent mostly with friends and family.

Cole has grown up a lot this month as well, it's crazy to remember the little person that we brought home in March that slept all day long and couldn't do anything for himself and then look at the little man I have infront of me now :)  This month we have:
  •  perfected rolling onto our tummy (which is how we prefer to be most of the time, sleeping on our tummy every night now...)
  • learned to roll from belly to back (which isn't very graceful looking)
  • perfected the baby push up and learned to army crawl
  • are almost sitting up completely unassisted (but that's still going to take some practice!) 
It's amazing how fast they grow.  We also started swimming lessons this week.  These lessons consist of a lot of moving around in the pool and being dunked, but it's fun Mommy and Cole time.

 I look forward to all of the growth and changes that are going to happen this month.  It's going to be a busy month for Mommy and Daddy. Almost every weekend this month is already planned out.  This weekend we have our only wedding this year and friends are coming to visit.  We will probably end the weekend with a BBQ with the neighbours, since that seems to be our new weekly thing :)  Next weekend we are going up to a friend's cottage for 3 days, the weekend after that is our wedding anniversary and then the last weekend of August Mike has a volleyball tournament.  Lots of fun and exciting things happening!  Cole has his 5 month check up on the 14th, so that will most likely be the next time I update.  

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